Tipoberba 2011.Cyrillic Type Design Workshop.

The first typographic workshop organized by Tipometar was held from the 16th to the 23rd of September in ethno-village Latkovac in 2011. The workshop was attended by eleven participants; mainly former and current students of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade – Nikola Stojanović, Ilija Lazarević, Marija Dimić, Nemanja Joanović, Sanja Grbić, Tamara Brčić, Tamara Pešić, Tanja Stevanović, Ivana Ćirović… and me!

The aim of the workshop was primarily to create some awesome typefaces – as well as to learn from each other through discussion and lectures, exchange knowledge and experience, and expand our knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet. The workshop was led by Vedran Eraković, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts, and organized by Ivana Ćirović. The sponsor of the workshop was the Ministry of Culture of Serbia.

Ethno-village Latkovac is a ten minutes drive from the center of Aleksandrovac – located at the foot of the mountains Kopaonik, Goc and Željin at an altitude of 430 meters. We worked day (and sometimes night) but we also had plenty of time to explore the city, museums and events related to the 48th Zupa grape harvest, which was going on at the time.

During the workshop, we all worked on our own new or existing typeface. In the evening, we watched films about typography and typeface design – a lecture was held about advanced programming in FontLab, which allows designers to produce ‘smart’ Open Type fonts and is currently one of the latest developments in this field. Special attention was also given to work with Multiple Master fonts, which are used for the production of larger families with more weights and variations.