EduZgraf is an educational program and a creative platform for local and international students of design and visual communications as well as for professional young designers at the beginning of their careers. The program is made up of three parts: the EduZgraf student exhibition, EduZgraf workshops and EduZgraf evenings. The program is organised in collaboration with Culture of Change, Student Centre in Zagreb.

EduZgraf Student Exhibition | Back to Square One
17 March – 05 April 2012 | Student Centre, PU Gallery

The international student exhibition Back to square one presented an overview of national and international (mostly regional) student works in the field of graphic design and visual communications. The title of the exhibition is a paraphrase of the First Things First graphic designers’ manifesto published in 1964 and reassessed in 2000. The manifesto was a reaction to the changes in the advertising industry, graphic design, economy and culture. It challenged all aspects of the designer’s profession and aimed to generate an exchange between the design practitioners, design schools and institutions.

Three of my projects were exhibited in the EduZgraf exhibition:

The Mister Sloff Commercial (which can be viewed here), as well as my graduation fonts – Eta (opentype script typeface) and Nioki (sans-serif type family).