Bears - In honor of Spring.Group Show, 2013.

There is a very nice folk belief about the end of winter, or in other words, about the beginning of spring. A bear is mentioned in it and apparently it all depends on him. If the bear gets scared of his own shadow and runs back into his cave there will be more cold weather. However – if he doesn’t get scared, it is a clear sign that warm and sunny days are ahead.

Every year on the first calendar day of spring, the exhibition ‘Bears – In Honor of Spring!’ is opened. Organized by the group Medvedi, this year marked the third group show which is part of an ongoing project that is, in essence, a celebration of spring and a gathering of artists and work on the theme of bears.

The group Medvedi has been organizing the exhibitions since 2011, celebrating the bears coming out from their caves with honey cider and good music (of course!). The host, this year, was the Cultural Center Parobrod in Belgrade – with music by the Kišobran organisation.

I created the ‘Bear Calendar’ for this group show. It consists of 4 banners that illustrate a bear’s life throughout the year. Summer is for outdoor yoga, autumn is for umbrellas and long walks in the forest, winter is for literature and professional development – and spring is for waking up! You can take a look at the full presentation here.

Also – check out the awesome video below which was filmed and edited by Aleksandar Jakonić!