International Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics, 2013.

The International Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics is a regional initiative that brings together creative people from the fields of design, illustration and visual communication with the goal to promote and establish design and related media outside the market system, in a fresh and unusual way. The basic idea of The Summit is presenting the works of over 100 young designers from Serbia, the Balkans, and the whole world, which should, according to the exhibition concept, be printed in black and white on standard A4 office paper. Each artist participates with one graphic, which is printed on plain 80gsm office paper with a laser printer. Artists are also invited to fill in a questionnaire, which deals with issues of social and economic status of designers/artists, social and political awareness as well as specific aspects of the creative process.

The 2013 exhibition was two day event, starting with a grand opening on Monday, 10th June 2013, and ending on 11th June 2013 with an even grander closing.The Laser Summit is organised by Turbosutra. Check out their awesome gallery of Laser Summit photos here. You can also read more about this year’s event on Designed.

Big thank you to the very awesome Milica Mrvic for the photos!