Photo: Timmsy


Branding and Art Direction for Spice World 2019 UK & Ireland Tour

Studio Moross worked as part of a core creative team lead by Lee Lodge to manage the art direction and design across the screens and stage for the Spice World 2019 UK & Ireland tour.

We developed a new typeface which referenced past iterations of the iconic Spice Girls logo whilst also bringing it into 2019. The font was also designed to work both squashed and stretched also in reference to the early SPICE font usage. We wanted to capture the 90s design style but with a modern take.

Creative Director: Lee Lodge
Art Direction: Kate Moross
Typeface Design: Marianna Orsho


Creative Director & Producer: Lee Lodge
Choreographer & Stage Director: Paul Roberts
Music Production: David Odlum
Set Design: Jason Sherwood
Art Direction: Kate Moross
Lighting Design: Tim Routledge
Costume Design: Gabriella Slade


Producers: Hazel Falck, Max Badger
Studio Manager: Alice Best
Researcher: Mable Cable
Touring Production: Manager Holly Sandeman
Animation Lead: Tim Marriott
Animation: Rez Alom, TR Bennett, Rory Cahill, Nick Canticus, Therese Detje, Dexter George, Sayeed Islam, Peter Kent, Leio Kirtley, Linus Kraemer, Lara Lee, Andy Needham, Ashley Park, Rose Pilkington, Teresa Tang
Design: Harry Butt, Rachel Noble, Stephanie Fung, Berke Yazicioglu, Marianna Orsho, Christina Poku, Nick Greenbank, Oscar Torrans
Typeface Design: Marianna Orsho


Andrew Timms | Timmsy