‘Connect the Dots’ is an interactive poster, which aims to draw a parallel between the role of the audience and the role of consumers who choose to buy fur. Connect the dots puzzles are fun children’s games, which contain a sequence of numbered dots and enable the child to create an image – unaware of what the final result will be. Even though people are aware fur comes from animals, there still seems to be a massive disconnect between the fur industry and the final product, which consumers buy and wear.

The phrase ‘connect the dots’ can also be used as a metaphor to illustrate an ability or inability to associate one idea with another and to find the ‘big picture’ – so by literally forcing the audience to ‘connect the dots’, the idea is to bring this broken connection to attention and put emphasis on our role as active participants.

The ‘Connect the Dots’ poster aims to highlight unethical practices and the importance of being responsible consumers and not supporting them. Through the act of purchasing items, we show support for industries and their methods of production – and purchasing items made of fur fuels the fur trade.

Project:             ‘Connect the Dots’ Poster      
Category:          Graphic Design, Illustration
Year:                  2009