Globster and Kamilitza in the Typodarium Calendar.

I received my copy of the Typodarium calendar for the year 2016 – which includes my typefaces Globster and Kamilitza! It’s a really cool little calendar, published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz in Germany.

From the Typodarium site:

Typodarium is a tear-off calendar, just like the one our grandma used to hang in the kitchen. But this calendar unveils a new font everyday. We can therefore have, whole year long, the chance to broaden our knowledge, to discover the font’s history and development, to possess a piece of jewellery that is new everyday. On the front, the font will be prominently displayed, and on the back it will be described in details. How it originated, from what or who came the inspiration and where we can obtain the font. We really want a story about your typeface!

It’s so cute that I really feel like it would be a shame to tear it apart – and it certainly is very useful as a little encyclopedia of fonts – full of cool typefaces to discover and admire. You can find out more about the calendar on: