TypeClinic.The 5th International Type Design Workshop.

The 5th TypeClinic workshop (previously TipoRenesansa) was held in the Trenta Valley, Slovenia, from the 19th-26th of August, 2012. The TypeClinic workshops deal with body text and display typefaces for print and digital usage. Participants of all levels of expertise come from all over the world: Austria, Australia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Italy, Serbia, South Africa, Romania, Slovenia… to work for a week in the beautiful Trenta Valley. The final result are typefaces with 40 characters minimum, which are later presented on B1 format posters.

During the workshop, I continued to work on my type family Nioki, using Multiple Master in FontLab.

Participants: Anja Schwendenwein, Diana Ovezea, Kevin van Reenen, Marianne Riegelnegg, Marija Rnjak, Theresa Radlingmaier, Verena Manyet… and me!
Mentor and Organiser: Tomato Košir

Check out the full presentation and everyone’s work here. Squirrel Nipples!
If you would like to attend the next Type Clinic workshops, contact tomato@tomatokosir.com.