Tipometar × Nioki.Introducing... Nioki BG.

In 2006, Tipometar launched a project called ‘Cyrillic As A Gift’ (Ћирилице на поклон) with the aim to provide all those who want to use the Cyrillic alphabet on computers with quality typefaces, for free! The realization of this project was funded by the Ministry of Culture of Serbia. Every year, Tipometar organizes the production of a new set of Cyrillic and Latin fonts by different authors, and distributes them through their site. Fonts families from the previous years are: Resavska BG, Resavska BG Sans, Adamant BG, Neoplanta BG, Lovely BG, Platan BG.

The newest addition to this wonderful collection is my type family, Nioki! The versions of Nioki made available through this project include the basic Latin and Serbian Cyrillic characters, and are not full versions of the type family (which caters to a larger number of languages) – hence the addition of BG to the name.

The font family Nioki BG comprises of the following 3 fonts: Nioki BG RegularNioki BG Italic, and Nioki BG Bold
Click and download them – they’re free!

Nioki BG is a family of linear sans-serif fonts, meant for use in larger text sizes. The characteristics of these fonts are subtle curved strokes and protruding terminal endings. The simplicity of the letter forms suit the needs of contemporary graphic design, and will look great on posters and packaging design, while their playful character makes them suitable for larger sizes in publications such as children’s books. The fonts contain all basic Latin letters and punctuation, as well as letters for the Serbian Cyrillic and Latin. They are available in OpenType format, which is recognized and used by all contemporary operating systems and programs.

Nioki is a type family I began during my studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and was one of my graduation projects. Since then, I continued to develop it in my spare time and during the TipoBerba and TypeClinic workshops. Prior to its release through Tipometar, I worked closely with my mentor Olivera Stojadinović for final tuning. Nioki is still a work in progress – I created it using Multiple Master technology in FontLab (which you can see a little preview of here), which enables the creation of a large range of weights simultaneously. More coming soon!