Scene: Volume 4.

‘Scene’ is a series of exhibitions created with the idea to take the work of street artists from the city walls and bring them into the gallery space. Organised by the Street Smart collective, the aim of this project is to bring attention to street art and strengthens ties within the community of admirers of this form of artistic expression.

With the arrival of spring, the fourth edition in the ‘Scene’ series received ‘gentler sensibilities’. This exhibition, unlike the previous three, focused entirely on the work of female street artists. The aim was to draw attention to women’s creativity in street art and gather the best current authors, as well as to encourage aspiring artists by offering them the chance to exhibit through a competition process.

Exhibiting Artists: Deadbarby, Di Ujdi, EmaEmaEma, Hellga, Jana, Marg, Mina Hur, MLKLOVE, Neon, Shkrabatorre, Slink, TKV, Juilie, Zui, Vana, Tedi, Ruki… and me!