The Mister Sloff commercial is a promotional piece for a series of handbags of the same name, which I created in 2010. This sloth handbag was inspired by the idea that everything already exists in nature… and the similarity between handbags and sloths in the way they hang upside down. But – at the end of the day – I’ve just always loved sloths and wanted to have one of my own! Mister Sloff is a keen traveller, but he is very slow and finds it hard to get around from place to place – so it is up to us to help him out and give him a lift! He hangs upside down from your shoulder and is the perfect travel buddy.

With this project, I wanted to delve deeper into the story of Mister Sloff, build a universe around the product and create a visual narrative that would engage audiences and communicate the message clearly. The concept and prototype for the handbag came first, then the storyboarding and defining how the product could be presented through the medium of 2D animation in a captivating way.

Mister Sloff was my first short animated film, made during the first year of Animation, in the 4th year of studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. The animation and backgrounds are 2D, made with Photoshop and After Effects – with the exception of the 3D hills in the foreground, which Nenad Krstić helped me out with. The music and sound effects were created by Vasili B.

You can find out more about the Mister Sloff handbag here – and purchase it here!

Animation & Character Design: Marianna Orsho
Music & Sound Design: Vasili B (Vasilije Bošnjaković)
3D Elements / Hills: Nenad Krstić

Featured on:
Behance, 2011
Motion Graphics Served, 2015

Screened at:
Animateka Animation Festival – Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2013
Cinanima Animation Festival – Espinho, Portugal, 2013
EduZGRAF – Zagreb, Croatia, 2012
Anima Mundi Animation Festival – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 2012
Anifest Animation Festival – Teplice, Czech Republic, 2012
Be There! Animation Festival – Corfu, Greece, 2012
Balkanima Animation Festival – Belgrade, Serbia, 2011