Litza is a layered, condensed, all-caps cross stitch display type family. It is made up of 10 layers which show different stages of stitching and can be stacked, moved around and coloured separately in order to create interesting effects.

Litza comes in 3 weights; Light, Medium and Bold. The weights can be used in combination with one another to make a vast range of combinations when stacking the layers.

Litza supports a range of Latin and Cyrillic languages and includes ornamental borders and over 80 decorative symbols in the shape of various animals and objects.

• Featured on Typography Served, 2015
• Featured on the Behance AIGA Gallery, 2015
• Received a Hiii Typography Nomination, 2015
• Featured in Typodarium, 2016
• Featured on CreativePool, 2020

Litza is currently in the final stages of preparation and will be released in September 2020.

Category:       Type Design
Year:                2012-2020
Purchase:      Coming soon!

A big thank you to Olivera Stojadinović and Vasilije Bošnjaković for their help and support (and patience with my nonsense!). You are the best.