Futures Cafe is an organisation which provides young people between the ages of 15-24 with the skills necessary to seek, find and maintain employment; including digital jobs; and offer support to those keen to start small businesses.

The new visual identity needed to reflect Futures Cafe’s youthful, vibrant and modern brand personality and get the young people involved excited about working, developing their skills and becoming active members of the local and global community.

The logo utilises flowing lines as a representation of communication and technology, inspired by the futuristic aesthetic of motherboards. The letter F is formed in the negative space, shaped by the flow of linear ‘connections’. The wordmark also makes reference to this visual element in the application of thin lines forming the serifs and horizontal strokes.

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ClientFutures CafeServicesArt Direction, Branding, TypographyYear2013OrganisationSpark* InternationalArt DirectionMarianna Orsho